Guarantee Coverage

The Lifetime Limited Pain Performance Guarantee covers areas of the vehicle refinished with specified PPG products for as long as the consumer owns the car.  The Refinished areas are covered for the following pain failures:
  • Peeling or delamination of the topcoat and/or other layers of pain
  • Cracking, chalking or checking
  • Loss of gloss caused by cracking, chalking, checking or hazing
  • Any paint failure attributed to defective PPG automotive products which are covered by this guarantee
  • Paint deterioration caused by bubbles, blisters or other film degradation due to rust or corrosion originating from the substrate
  • Hazing, chalking or loss of gloss caused by improper care, abrasive polishes, cleaning agents, or heavy-duty pressure washing
  • Paint deterioration caused by abuse, accidents, acid rain, chemical fallout, stone chipping, any road hazard, or other acts of nature
  • Accidents, scratches or chips (including stone chips), due to normal vehicle use
  • Custom finishes, exotic finishes or any finish other than approved refinish systems
  • Finishes on vehicle used for commercial or competitive purposes
  • Failures on finishes containing non-PPG or non-PPG-approved products
  • Failure resulting from product misuse or abuse
  • Repairs done over previously refinished areas unless stripped to bare metal or other original substrate (Repairs made over OEM refinished ares are covered under this guarantee, without requiring the vehicle to be stripped to bare metal or original substrate)
  • Failures on clearcoat finishes where they exhibit less than 2 mils of dry film thickness
  • Failures on finishes performed by non-PPG-certified refinish technicians or non-PPG-certified collision repair centers
  • Failures on finishes performed by PPG-certified refinishers who have allowed their certification to expire
  • Claims presented without proper guarantee documentation
  • Failure on finishes where any type of color or clear blend stops before the end of a full panel and leaves an unprotected tapered color or clearcoat edge.  In the case of a clearcoated color, it would be acceptable to blend the color before the end of the panel, but the clearcoat must fully cover the blend edge and extend to the end of the panel
These are the only guarantees that PPG makes, and all other expressed or implied warranties, including without limitation, any warranty of fitness for a particular purpose or use, are disclaimed by PPG.